Halloween Witches Party

Here’s how to host a coven-themed, Halloween witches party. You’ll need to keep several key considerations in mind, including decor, invitations, food and drinks, and more. Fortunately, I can walk you through the process quickly and painlessly, so you can get to work on organizing and planning for the big night. If you follow the best practices provided below, you’ll save precious time and know you’re on the right path.

That said, if you are new to entertaining and would like some help on how to plan a Halloween party before focusing on the theme, I recommend that you start by reading my Halloween Party Planning 101 post, which covers the 12 things you must always absolutely consider when organizing any kind of Halloween party.


I always recommend that you set your theme clearly from the very beginning by choosing the right invitations. This generates more excitement for your party and helps inform your guests as to what to expect and how to dress.

For a witches’ coven theme, my favourites are the Martha Stewart witch invitations pictured here. They have a nice gothic feel, a variety of top-notch designs, and feature a lace trim for a unique touch.

On the other hand, if you have time and are artistically inclined, you may want to create your own invitations from scratch. What I’ve done in the past is to use worn-looking parchment-style paper and them writing out the invitations myself.

You can also type them out on a computer instead. In that case, I’d recommend that you use a font similar to handwriting or a fountain pen, like Viner Hand ITC, which you can find in Microsoft Word.

When they’re all written or printed, roll up the invitations to look like scrolls, tie them with a strip of black or orange leather, and then deliver them in person. Obviously, for guests who live too far away, you’ll need to mail them instead.

Regardless of the type of invitation you select, remember to ask your guests to come dressed as witches and warlocks. They’re all part of your coven, after all!


“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.”

– The Three Witches, Macbeth

You’ll want to set the mood for your witch party with the right kind of decor.

If you can afford it, I strongly recommend setting up a life-sized animatronic witch like the one pictured here to greet your guests as they arrive. One of my friends has one and it’s absolutely amazing. The movements are realistic, the voice is creepy, and people always get a really big kick out of it!

There’s a lot you can do to make your party welcoming to witches and warlocks. There are the classic must-have decorations like black cats, bats, rats, and hats, but if you’re looking to create a Salem-like atmosphere, you’ll need  a more satanic look and feel as well.

To help you get started, here are some key decor elements you might want to get your obtain in order to set the stage for your Halloween witch party:

    • Black plastic cauldron
    • Straw brooms
    • Witch hats
    • Clear bottles and vials with coloured water
    • Old-looking jars with labels like Eye of Newt, Wing of Bat, etc.
    • Small, disgusting ingredients (eyeballs, frogs, fingernails, etc.)
    • Black cats, bats, and rats (plus, plastic, rubber, or cardboard cutouts)
    • Cotton cobwebs with plastic spiders
    • Pentagrams
    • Goat skulls
    • Worn-looking black tablecloths
    • Flameless flickering candles, preferably black or red
    • Sensor-activated thunderstorm strobe lights


MeatheadJust about any type of Halloween-themed food will do for a witches party, as it’s common and generic enough.

I’d recommend zombie fingers (but rename them witch fingers to be more appropriate for your party), and of course the always-popular meathead – a decapitated head that your guests can pull apart and eat!

fruit platterProvide simple, hearty foods as well, like meat, bread, fruit, and cheese. Check out the Recipes page for even more ideas.

If you’re concerned about food allergies, I’d recommend using my free Halloween food labels to identify your dishes for your guests. Since they can be customized, you can also use these labels to re-brand classic favourites to fit better with a witches’ theme (e.g. chicken wings can become bat wings).


While you’ll want to offer your guests a variety of drinks at any party, I like to keep as many of my offerings as possible red for this type of theme, so I make sure I offer red wine, cranberry juice, and a nice giant bowl of eyeball-infused fruit punch!

Beer and mixed drinks should also be served, of course, and if you want to add a touch of Halloween to your beer, consider making a batch of pumpkin spice beer (I share the recipe in this post covering all types of fun alcoholic drink recipes for Halloween).

Once you have your drink menu figured out, you need to go the extra step and think about your glassware.

What better way to serve your drinks than in a skeletal goblet or an inflatable cauldron cooler?

Extra Touches

  • Serving your food on black tableware will help enhance the mood
  • Be sure you and your guests know where to find some good witch costumes and get them ahead of time to ensure the one they want is still available in their size
  • Fog is a perfect fit for a witches’ party, so if you don’t already own one, you may want to consider buying a fog machine. You can check out my review of low-lying fog machines to find out more about the top contenders.

Want more? Get some party planning advice on the Hosting page, or check out the Ideas section for more inspiration.

Please post any questions or comments below. I’m here to help and typically reply within a couple of days or less!

12 thoughts on “Halloween Witches Party

  1. You know, there’s one expression that I heard somewhere which is: “I am a daughter of witches you didn’t burn” and I thinks it hilarious and so much about me lol.
    It would be so awesome to have witches party just this meathead looks damn scary. Probably I’m a good witch.
    Generally, I think these attributes and decor would really create awesome atmosphere.

  2. Halloween might be a few months away still, but I feel prepared to host my own party! Do you have any outfit recommendations? I especially like the food and decoration ideas. They are always so difficult to get just right, but you have laid out a fool proof plan. Thanks!

    • Hi David,

      I’m glad you found this helpful. In terms of costume ideas, I’d recommend checking the Amazon Halloween Shop for a really good selection of witch costumes. I’ve posted also quite a few other suggestions in the Costumes section of this site. Just click or tap “Costumes” for a list of posts on the subject!

      Happy haunting, and let me know if I can help you with anything else!

  3. Right on with your Halloween post. You’ve laid out each detail in a nice step by step brake down from sending out the invites and how to get them or create them.

    You walk us through the theme concept and how to make it work for a great turn out.

    You have a basic check list that will guide you from start to finish which is really good to make my job of having a party well planned. Thanks for the info and look forward to what you’ve got coming next..

  4. You have some great ideas here. One thing we always try to do at our Halloween parties is to have some classic scary movies playing in the background. Movies like Friday the 13th or psycho fit the bill. I can’t really thinking of any witch movies that might work well. Do you have a list of Halloween party movies you recommend?

    • Thanks RJ. I’d recommend The Witch (2015), Drag Me To Hell by Sam Raimi, The Witches, The Wicker Man with Christopher Lee, Suspira, or the classic Häxan from 1922. Alternatively, you can also use the TV series Salem. Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

  5. After reading this post I feel like I could go out and plan and throw a fantastic halloween witches party!

    Very well written with lots of helpful hints and details.

    I loved the idea, under the food section, of the meathead! I have never seen that one before.

    I also liked your recommendations for “extra touches”. Very helpful informantion!

    • I’m happy you found the information helpful, SV. Meathead is definitely a guest favourite every time I bring him out! You can find more food ideas on the Recipes page.

      If you need help with anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  6. Awesome stuff – this looks as if it will fit in with the party we are looking to throw this weekend ( its a sort of crazy wedding celebration gig where everyone has to come dressed up! )
    I especially like the food section here – tell me, is it pricey to get all this type of geeky food done or can we manage it on the cheap?

    • Thanks Chris. You can definitely do this on a budget. The food items aren’t particularly expensive – I always try to find the most cost-effective options available online whenever I post a link, without sacrificing quality of course. Most of these items can also be purchased at your local grocery store as well, but I can’t speak to regional prices.

      Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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