Free Printable Halloween Food Labels


A party guest having fun holding up my Eyeball Punch tent card next to his phony black eye.

Here are some free, printable Halloween food labels to help your guests identify your devilish dishes. Labeling your food improves your party guests’ experience by providing transparency around nutritional information. If done right, they can also enhance the spooky spirit of your Halloween party. As you can see from this picture, the labels can actually become part of the fun themselves!

Unlike bottle labels for wine and soda, which should be purchased as stickers because they need to stick to bottles and contend with condensation all night, food labels can simply be printed at home and folded as tent cards. This makes them easier to customize and saves you a few dollars as well. In the spirit of helping you plan the perfect Halloween party, I thought I’d share the template I created for my Halloween food label tent cards. Feel free to use this template as you see fit, free of charge. Just be sure to let people know where you found it, if they ask!

How Do I Make the Labels?

The template is a Microsoft Word file, compatible with all versions dating back to Word ’97. To download it, simply tap or click this link: food labels template. Depending on your computer setup, you might need to right-click it and select “Save As…”. You can then open the template in Word and edit the labels to reflect your actual menu items. All you have to do then is just print, cut, and fold the tent cards. Instructions are included in the template. I recommend printing on card stock as it’s sturdier than normal printer paper. It stands up better and the tent cards can be re-used again and again. That’s it!

What If My Food is Plain?

If you don’t have time to make your menu exclusively out of Halloween-themed foods like the ones listed in the Food & Drink section, you can still give normal, everyday menu items some really creepy names to make things fun.

For example:

  • Hors d’oeuvres = Horror d’oeuvres
  • Chicken wings = Bat wings
  • Ranch or spinach dip = Swamp dip
  • Beef, pork, or lamb ribs = Adam’s ribs
  • Roasted chicken = Transylvanian roadkill
  • Guacamole = Minced maggots

As you’ll see from the template, I like to identify what the actual foods are in brackets below the fun name, just in case anyone has an allergy, religious food prohibition, or even personal distaste for certain foods. You can also indicate any foods that are gluten-free, sugar-free, as well as any that include things like nuts, eggs, or alcohol.

Need food and drink recipes? Check out the Food & Drink section for lots of great ideas!

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