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My name is Patrick and I’m the biggest Halloween fan I know. I’ve been a fan of all things related to Halloween and horror since I can remember, and this has culminated into a contagious fever that has since spread to my family. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada with my seven-year-old daughter, and every year we host two Halloween parties: one for children and one for adults. People enjoy them tremendously, talk about them for weeks afterwards, and look forward to them every year. I’ve become “the Halloween guy” and it was simply a natural extension that I share some of my knowledge and experiences with others who share a similar interest or are new to hosting a Halloween party.

For those who are curious, I work as a business learning consultant designing various types of corporate training. I also volunteer on a number of local boards and committees in my community. In university, I majored in English Literature and History. My previous background was in teaching and writing, both of which I still love to do. Helping people learn and unlock their potential is incredibly satisfying for me. Writing is a true passion of mine and has been since childhood. I’m also a musician and songwriter by night. Regardless of what I read, write, compose, or listen to, I always have a preference for anything with a horror theme! Enough about me, though.

Why I’m Doing This…

My aim with Halloween Party Experts is to help you plan, organize, and host the greatest Halloween party of all time. I’ve learned from experience that there are many aspects to throwing a Halloween party – any of which could make or break your guests’ experience – and I sincerely want to help you succeed. After all, the words “lame” and “party” should never be in the same sentence!

On this site, you’ll find blog entries with ideas, advice, tips, reviews, recommendations, and resources to help you get the most out of your upcoming Halloween party, be it for children or adults.

I genuinely hope that you find the content on this site useful. Please feel free to interact, comment, or ask questions as I’m here to help.

Oh, and I speak French as well, so don’t hesitate to reach out in either language. Oui, je parle français!

Again, welcome. Don’t be afraid. Open the door (don’t mind the creak) and come on in. I don’t bite. Just tell them Boris Patrick sent you. Mwah ah ah! 🙂


Founder, Halloween Party Experts
email: patrick@halloweenpartyexperts.com
twitter: @HalloweenHowTo

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10 thoughts on “About Patrick

  1. What a brilliant website for Halloween!! So I’m thinking of holding my own here in the UK and will be I contact for extra help!!

    Really lovely to see someone with a passion share it. Lots of love from UK, Coventry Jo James xxx

  2. Ok so I always thought I was the biggest Halloween fan I know, great to find out that there are others out there like me, for whom Halloween is the best day of the year ! 🙂 Love your website, awesome ideas everywhere, so glad I found it 🙂

    Take Care,

  3. What a refreshing website. This is really well laid out and designed. I would definitely refer people to this for the value of your information. Nice.

  4. Hello Patrick!

    Your website is wonderful… I’m enjoying going through all the spooky pages and feeling little chills run down by bones…

    Thanks for the goosebumps!

    I’ll be back for more…

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