Animatronic Smoldering Zombie (Video)


6' Smoldering ZombieHow does a six-foot animatronic smoldering zombie sound? Smiling? I thought so. Made popular by AMC’s The Walking Dead, smoldering zombies are the latest addition to the seemingly unending variety of undead creatures to fear.

I found one on Spirit Halloween that immediately caught my interest, so of course I had to check it out and see if it was worth the hype.

Let me walk you through what I’ve found so you can make your own decision. I’ll even provide a link to a demonstration video of the thing in action so you see exactly what I’m talking about.

Ready? Here we go…

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Best Low-Lying Fog Machines: Review


1byonemister koolThe best low-lying fog machines are the American DJ Mister Kool Low-Lying Fogger and the 1byone Low-Lying Fog Machine, based on my experience and research. Check out my head-to-head comparison of these two top contenders to learn why, and find out which one I ultimately recommend.

Low-lying fog machines range in price from about $60-250 or more, but I’ve narrowed down the options to these two models because they’re ideally suited for a Halloween party.

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