How to Get Free Shipping at Spirit Halloween


spirit halloween logoIt’s that spooktacular time of year again, so this is when I tend to come across special offers that I just have to share with my fellow Halloweeners. I know that’s not really a word to describe Halloween fans like myself, but it sounds far better than Halloweenies, so let’s say it is. Anyway, here’s the deal: you can get free 3-day shipping at Spirit Halloween on orders over $65 with an exclusive promo code, so don’t worry if you haven’t ordered your Halloween costume yet. There’s still time — and it won’t cost you a penny to get it shipped fast!

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2015 Halloween Costume Coupons (Up to 90% Off)


couponI came across something that I just have to share today: several exclusive online coupons that save you real money on Halloween costumes. These are offered through HalloweenCostumes for 2015 and include discounts up to 90% off!

They’re having a huge sale and these types of discounts don’t come along very often.  Also, people who don’t know about (or don’t use) these exclusive coupon links won’t be able to benefit from these offers, so I knew I had to pass this information along.  Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to get the deal. You’re welcome!

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11 Best Star Wars Costumes for Men


Here are the 11 best Star Wars costumes for men (with photos)! While they are constantly and probably will be always remain Halloween and cosplay favourites, Star Wars costumes have seen a resurgence in popularity with the planned launch of Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, starting of course with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Tired of the same old Luke, Han, and Leia costumes? Below are the absolute best available Star Wars costumes that I was able to find, including some less common ones. Most are villains. Some are quite affordable, while others are more expensive, but all are incredible in their own right, and officially licensed by Lucasfilm/Disney. Read on to check them out!

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Best The Walking Dead Halloween Costumes


Here are the best, official The Walking Dead Halloween costumes available for men and women, with pictures! Whether you’re hosting or attending a zombie-themed party or simply want a costume inspired by AMC’s hit show this Halloween, you’ve come to the right place!

Below you’ll find the best The Walking Dead costumes for men and women that you can buy. All are officially-licensed  pieces. Some are complete costumes, while others need to be combined with other pieces to obtain the desired look, but all of them are 100% fun!

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Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes


Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister Queen Adult Womens CostumeHere are the best Game of Thrones Halloween costumes for men and women, with pictures and links! Are you hosting or attending a Game of Thrones themed party? Perhaps you simply want to don a costume from the show this Halloween, or you’re planning to attend a comicon? Regardless, you’ve come to the right place!

Below you’ll find the best Game of Thrones costumes that you can buy. Some are complete official costumes, while others need to be pieced together from a couple of different sources in order get the desired effect. Regardless, the finished ensembles are well worth the effort!

And now, without further ado, here are HalloweenPartyExperts’ top picks for best Game of Thrones Halloween costumes!

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Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Men


Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Adult Mens VestHere are the top 10 best Halloween costumes for men with pictures! If you’re a man looking for some great costumes ideas this Halloween, this visual shortlist can help you find the right one by focusing on the absolute best options available.

In compiling this list, I’ve considered a number of criteria to bring together the most popular costumes available as well as the funniest, scariest, sexiest, and most unique.

Ready to get started? Check them out: my top 10 picks for best male Halloween costumes!

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BuyNeu: Easy DIY Halloween Costumes


If you want ideas for easy DIY Halloween costumes, have I got the website for you – especially if you want something that looks seriously amazing, like a realistic Batman, Iron Man, RoboCop, Master Chief (from Halo), or Predator costume.


I’m not particularly skilled at making my own Halloween costumes from scratch, so when I heard about this site called BuyNeu claiming they could help me build my own costume – and cool ones of licensed characters – I was skeptical to say the least. They offer to build it for you prefer to have someone else do the work, which I found believable enough, but to give me everything I need to build it myself? Come on.

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