Using a Halloween Light Show Controller


Need information on using a Halloween light show controller? That must mean you’ve decided to set up your own spectacular outdoor light show, possibly after seeing some amazing creations outside other people’s homes. Fear not – I’m here to help!

First, you should understand that a Halloween light show — just like one you set up for Christmas or any other occasion — requires three key elements: the lights, the controller, and the software. You will likely want to add music to the mix as well and synchronize your light show so it’s precisely matched to it, which we’ll get into a little bit later.

Keep in mind that there are far more advanced configurations possible and that sequences come in almost unlimited combinations, but for our purposes here, we’ll focus on a basic, straightforward light show for the beginner.

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Sodial Flameless Candles: Halloween Flickering Lights


flicker lightsLooking for flameless candles to use as your Halloween flickering lights? I don’t blame you!

If you’ve ever struggled to light a candle inside a jack-o-lantern or burned your finger while depositing a lit teal light inside a pumpkin, you know the hassles people go through for the classic beauty of a flickering flame.

I personally switched from real tea lights to LED battery-operated flickering lights because they’re safer and last longer. I’ve tried different ones over the years, but found that I prefer the smaller teal light models because they’re not as bulky as larger flameless candles and pumpkin lights. The ones I currently use are made by a company called Sodial so I thought I’d put together a review of them for those of you who may not have tried them before.

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American DJ Spherion Tri LED: Dance Club Effects


spherion The American DJ Spherion Tri LED rotating dance light creates a variety of amazing multi-coloured light shows, turning your space into a dance club and heightening the energy level at your party. While looking at Halloween lights and decorations, I stumbled upon it and bought mine just in time for my 2014 Halloween party. I haven’t looked back since.

I’m not a DJ, so I wanted something I could just set and forget. While the American DJ Spherion Tri LED can be connected to a professional DMX lighting system, it also has no-hassle standalone mode. I just set my unit to the automatic random program, and it kept the show fun and varied all night long.

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GloMania Luminous Paint: Invisible Glow in the Dark Paint


paintOne of my favourite tricks is to apply invisible glow-in-the-dark paint — that is, luminous paint that glows in the dark after having been exposed to natural sunlight long enough — to my Halloween props and decor. The question is, where you can find the best one?

Initially I tried some cheap ones that didn’t really glow much if at all because the pigment wasn’t sufficient. Others work fine but only come in a couple of colours, usually in the blue-green spectrum. That said, I’ve now been using the ones by GloMania for years and I’d definitely recommend them.

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