Top 10 Cutest Halloween Costumes for Kids

Child's Luna the Witch CostumeHere you’ll find the top 10 cutest Halloween costumes for kids, with photos and links of course. If you’re looking for an adorable child’s costume this Halloween, you’ve come to the right place.

As you’ll see, these costumes include costumes for boys and girls alike, and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face – and everyone else’s – this Halloween!

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10. Glinda – This child-size version of the Wizard of Oz classic is perfect for your little princess!

Kids Glinda Dress Costume9. Pumpkin – Ideal for both boys and girls, this Halloween must-have is absolutely adorable!

Kids Pumpkin Costume

8. Wilma Flinstone – Wilma never goes out of style. Maybe it’s because we know she’s the one in charge!

Kids Wilma Flintstone Costume

7. Smurfette – The Smurfs have made a comeback, and Smurfette is hands-down the cutest of them all!

Child Smurfette Costume - Kids Smurfs Halloween Costumes6. Friendly Ghost – Suited to both boys and girls, this ghost costume is always a winning choice!

Kids Friendly Ghost Costume5. Toad – This lovable character from Super Mario Bros makes an adorable boy’s costume for Halloween!
Boys Toad Deluxe Costume

4. Little Pig – Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin! Warm, cuddly, and an absolute win! Add two more for the Three Little Pigs and complete the cast with the Kids Wolf Costume!

Kids Pig Costume3.  Luna the Witch – A favourite among young girls, the cutest witch of all is perfectly appropriate for Halloween!

Child's Luna the Witch Costume2. The Flash – Forget Batgirl and Supergirl, this Flash tutu costume will have your little girl racing through the streets for Halloween treats!

Girls Flash Tutu Costume1. Clown – You just can’t deny how cute this costume is – and given its incredibly affordable price, it’s a no-brainer as Number One for this list!

Kids Clown Costume

Need more costume ideas? Check out the Costumes section or learn about  the best places to buy Halloween costumes online. Have a question or comment? Post it below!

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Cutest Halloween Costumes for Kids

  1. Lovely costumes.

    I especially love that clown at the end. We don’t do Halloween here in South Africa, but these costumes would work really well for school plays and dance shows.

    In fact you have given me an idea. I would like to do a dance with about ten of those clowns together on the stage. The colorful costumes will look awesome.

    • Hi Michel,

      That sounds like a great idea for a unique dance number. Glad you found the costume review helpful. If there’s anything else you need, just let me know!

  2. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this page. I think Halloween is awesome, and kids look so darn cute all dressed up like there favorite characters. This page is perfect, and so very adorable. You did a good job on the whole site I may visit it again closer to Halloween. Great Job and good luck.

  3. Hi Patrick,
    Some interesting ideas for kids Halloween costumes. I must be behind the times, because my kids are grown up now, but I was expecting to see more traditional things like vampires, skeletons and zombies. Although, I suppose they wouldn’t be classified as cute.
    Being traditional I would favor Luna the Witch or the Friendly Ghost, but I suppose children like to choose costumes of their favorite characters from TV shows or films. An advantage of this could be they can wear the costumes on other occasions after or even before Halloween.
    Thanks for enlightening me as to the current trends, could be useful for my grandchildren!

    • Hi Peter. I will be adding more costume ideas on a regular basis, including classic, princess, and superhero costumes. In the meantime, if you’re looking for costume ideas that aren’t of the cute variety, please check out my list of the top scary Halloween costumes for kids.Let me know if I can help with anything else!

  4. From these costumes you have shown us, I’m definitely rooting for the pumpkin costume and Wilma Flinstone. I don’t know why but I would probably dress my child like a potato, it’s the cutest thing ever for me haha.

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