Sexy Star Wars Costumes for Women

If you’re looking for sexy Star Wars costumes for women (with pictures), then you’ve come to the right place! Always a Halloween and cosplay favourite, Star Wars has seen a resurgence in popularity with the announcement of three new films — beginning with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. To top it off, these long-awaited sequels to the original three movies will now be produced by media giant Disney.

The costumes below are truly among the best available if you’re going for a sexy Star Wars look. Some of these are officially-licensed costumes, and others are not, but all look really amazing (I promise) and very sexy. You’ll definitely find the inspiration you need for your costume this year!

10. Rey – This star of Episode VII (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) continues the Star Wars tradition of strong, sexy female characters.

9. Female Darth Vader – A sexy female adaptation of everyone’ favourite Sith Lord!

8. Female Stormtrooper – She can take me prisoner any day! A fanboy-favourite every single year!

7. Darth Talan – This one needs no explanation. Skin-tight red skin and a skimpy outfit makes this Sith lady as beautiful as she is deadly!

6. Padme Amidala – This white tight-fitting costume fits like a second-skin. No wonder it’s a hit!

5. Princess Leia – While there are many Leia costumes out there, this skin-tight dress with high slit is one of the sexiest options! My wife wore this one year and it does not disappoint.

4. Female X-Wing Fighter Dress – This short-skirted version of the female X-Wing fighter uniform is definitely eye-catching!

3. Darth Vader Dress – This short, skin-tight dress makes every man want to go to the Dark side!

2. Sexy Padme Amidala -This cropped-top version of Padme’s costume takes the sexiness of her outfit to a whole new level!

1. Slave Leia – Was there every any doubt? She tops the list of sexy costumes just about every year, and is definitely the sexiest Star Wars icon of all time.Sexy Princess Leia Adult Womens Costume

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