Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Women

Sexy Ghostbusters Adult Womens CostumeHere are the top 10 sexiest Halloween costumes for women, with pictures of course. If you’re a lady planning to wear a sexy costume this Halloween, this visual countdown can help you take the legwork (no pun intended) out finding the right one by narrowing down the list to the absolute sexiest options available.

And now without further ado, here they are – my top 10 picks for sexiest female Halloween costumes!

10. Harley Quinn – The ultimate bad girl, made even more popular with the resurgence of the Suicide Squad.
2 PC Harlequin Halter Tutu Dress with Heart Accents

9. Mermaid – Undeniable sexiness for hundreds of years, you can also make this into a sexy version of Disney’s Ariel.
Mesmerizing Mermaid Womens Costume

8. Jungle Jane – Wild, untamed, and fierce. Once a civilized, sophisticated lady, now Tarzan’s better half.
Jungle Jane Adult Womens Costume

7. Naughty Nurse – Guaranteed to make temperatures rise and take real good care of her patients.
Sexy Nurse Betty Halloween Costumes

6. French Maid – At your service, Monsieur. The subservient maid is always popular for obvious reasons.
Sexy Lace Trimmed French Maid Costumes

5. Playboy Police – What’s that in your pocket? Unlike the maid, she turns the power play around.
Official Playboy Police Woman Costume

4. Sexy Ghostbuster – You’re definitely busted, Slimer! Absolutely perfect for Halloween.
Sexy Ghostbusters Adult Womens Costume

3. Cleopatra – A very sexy take on the Egyptian classic, the Queen of the Nile.
Sexy Cleopatra Egyptian Toga Costume

2. Sexy Devil – Incredibly seductive and very sexy. Confident and very a propos for Halloween
Sexy Devil Halloween Costumes

1. Slave Leia – Was there every any doubt? She tops the list of sexy costumes just about every year. This was Ross’ ultimate fantasy in Friends, but he’s far from the only fanboy who’s admired this costume.
Sexy Princess Leia Adult Womens Costume

If you need more ideas, check out the top costumes for couples, or find out the best places to buy Halloween costumes online.

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Women

  1. Some of these Halloween costumes certainly are very sexy and I can imagine my girlfriend wearing one or two of them for this year’s Halloween celebrations. 🙂

    I could definitely imagine her as a naughty french maid or even as the sexy Ghostbuster since it’s one of my most favorite movies too.

    I’ll certainly pass this article on to my lady nearer the time.


  2. Halloween is so much fun. I remember great times with my best friends. We were a lot of the ones on this list but there are some new ideas too! My friends and I have never been a jungle girl or the slave one. I love friends so the slave one would be cool! I’m on to check out your couples costumes next!

  3. Your website is cool. I like the overall feel and look to it. Now I’m getting in the mood for Halloween. You have a lot of information on many things for Halloween. I will definitely bookmark your site, as I may need to consult it later. Keep up the Halloween Spirit!


  4. Hi Patrick, a unique website and a unique take on the sexiest Halloween costumes for women. I would say though that these costumes are not particularly suited for cold climates (although my temperature will rise seeing women in these or similar outfits)? And I was thinking that Halloween was for children! Well done, cheers, Jerry

    • Thanks Jerry! Halloween is for everyone!

      Glad that you enjoyed the costumes. These are designed for indoor parties or warmer climates. Anyone wanting to wear one outdoors in a colder region would definitely need to wear something warm over it, like a coat or jacket.

  5. Patrick, I really like the theme of your website. My kids are huge fans of Halloween, and they are adults! My daughter actually got married on Halloween! Adults sometimes have trouble finding costumes. Thank you for having options for plus sized ladies…I like that! The layout of this site is simple and clean.

    • Thanks Jan. I’m glad you like the site and found the information helpful. Love the idea of a Halloween wedding! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with anything else!

  6. Hello Patrick, as if I am lost, but for most of the costumes, the would fail to create the scare if that is the essence of halloween.
    As sexy as these costumes look, the would be better suited for some different atmosphere… you know what i mean. But I admire they way you put them together. Keep it up

    • You’re absolutely right Emmanuel. This is a list of the sexiest Halloween costumes for women, not the scariest. I might add that list one day. In the meantime, feel free to visit the Costumes page for more costume and makeup ideas. Please let me know if I can be of any help!

  7. I never would have thought that a website could be built around Halloween and if there was one there wouldn’t be much content.

    Well this site proves me wrong on both counts. First, it is about Halloween and does have a lot of relevant content.

    Mousing over the menus was a surprise as to how much content there is. For example, the advise on when to start planning a party shows just how much thought the author has given to the process and the amount of how much engagement with the subject there is.

    From when to start planning, themes, menus, additional entertainment, even how to deal with party crashers, this website covers it all. The creepy green and black layout is good too>

    Job well done! Stick with it.

    • Thanks David! I’m glad you find the site comprehensive and I appreciate the compliments on content and layout. If you need a hand with anything, please don’t hesitate to post your question or comments and I’ll be more than happy to help out. If you’re looking for a place to start, I’d recommend beginning with Halloween Party Planning 101!

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