Halloween Vampire Nurse Party Idea

nurseIf you’re considering hosting a Halloween vampire party, you’re not alone. There are many approaches including the classic ‘every guest comes as a vampire’ theme, but if you want to be original, try putting a different spin on it. If I may, let me give you one example.

The first adult Halloween party I ever organized had a vampire aspect to it, but it wasn’t a themed party per se. You see, my wife was working as a home care nurse and really wanted to wear a sexy nurse’s costume for Halloween. I, on the other hand, wanted to mark this first party with a tribute to one of my classic favourites – Count Tepes, Dracul, that is to say, Dracula himself. I also knew that I wanted to really grab my guests’ attention with the invitation from the very beginning, and keep them interested. Luckily, I found a way to do just that and it was highly successful. I’d like to share that with you now.

vampThe Back Story

I created a back story in my mind to drive all of the planning.

An unsuspecting home care nurse would come to my home, thinking I was a normal client, only to find herself my prisoner. She would then send out a letter to all her friends and family, asking them to come to her rescue. Of course, she’d figure out that I was actually a vampire and had evil monster friends, so she knew it would be tricky for anyone to come save her. She’d mention a masquerade ball I’d have coming up, and suggest that her saviours show up at the party undercover, in costume to rescue her. She would urge them to hurry, as she feared she would soon be made into a vampire herself by yours truly.

I’d get to wear my vampire costume, she’d get to wear her sexy nurse costume, and everyone would be really engaged in the story, if I played my cards well.

The Bait (Invitations)

Fortunately I can write decently. I wrote and dated the invitation as a period piece, leveraging the classic Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley feel – or at least my best attempt at it – throughout the letter. The invitation set the mood and the premise, and got everyone incredibly excited about the party.

IInvitation printed my invitations on old parchment-style paper with a font that mimicked handwriting (Viner Hand ITC). I then rolled them up and tied them with either orange or black leather strips (Amazon sells something similiar), and hand-delivered invitations to each local guest. The rest I mailed via regular postal service and waited for the RSVPs to start piling in.

One couple was so excited, they RSVP’d by emailing a response written in period English, telling my wife they were horrified at her predicament and promising to come to her rescue. They also hand-crafted their own werewolf costumes, which were amazing. I always love it whenever I’m blessed with guests who love Halloween this much!

I’ve included an image of the invitation here if you’d like to see it for yourself. Feel free to right-click and download it for reference and inspiration, free of charge. It’s not on parchment paper because it’s just the digital file, but it will give you the general sense of the approach I took. The names and contact information have been changed for confidentiality and privacy reasons, of course.

The Punchline

By the time guests arrived on the day of the party, they were too late. They were greeted by me (the Count) and my sexy vampire nurse, now doomed to live forever by my side. She had two bite marks on her neck and fangs of her own. I even made my own washable, non-staining fake blood for the occasion.

The house, of course, was decorated with some vampire props and decor. I even had a life-size cardboard coffin in the basement where I’d sleep, similar to this one but bigger.

Guests, however, came dressed in whatever costume they wanted, as I had not specified a theme. There is something to be said for letting people dress up as they will.

Extra Touches

If you take a close look at the invitation, you’ll notice that I hired a palm reader that year. She stayed for about an hour and a half and gave everyone who wanted to a free 15-minute reading. I also encouraged my fellow musician friends to bring their guitars or other instruments for the after-party. I don’t necessarily do either of those anymore because I have found them to be unnecessary, but it is good to change up the format now and then if you haven’t been entirely successful in the past. My most successful parties have always been themed adult dance parties, but it all depends on your crowd.

Anyway, I hope these ideas help spark your own brainstorming session. Please let me know how your own Halloween vampire party turns out by posting below. I’d love to know!

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