Sexy Halloween Party Ideas


ladiesIf you need some sexy Halloween party ideas for your adults-only event, let me give you a hand. I will walk you through how to plan, organize, and host a successful Halloween party that’s not just for an adult crowd, but is actually explicitly sexy. If you’d prefer to host a not-too-sexy party, you can simply go to the Ideas>Party Themes section and select a different topic.

I’ll assume that you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic considerations for any Halloween party discussed in my Halloween Party Planning 101 post. If not, I recommend you start there and then return here.

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Halloween Vampire Nurse Party Idea


nurseIf you’re considering hosting a Halloween vampire party, you’re not alone. There are many approaches including the classic ‘every guest comes as a vampire’ theme, but if you want to be original, try putting a different spin on it. If I may, let me give you one example.

The first adult Halloween party I ever organized had a vampire aspect to it, but it wasn’t a themed party per se. You see, my wife was working as a home care nurse and really wanted to wear a sexy nurse’s costume for Halloween. I, on the other hand, wanted to mark this first party with a tribute to one of my classic favourites – Count Tepes, Dracul, that is to say, Dracula himself. I also knew that I wanted to really grab my guests’ attention with the invitation from the very beginning, and keep them interested. Luckily, I found a way to do just that and it was highly successful. I’d like to share that with you now.

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Halloween Zombie Party Ideas


I’ve got some great Halloween zombie party ideas that you can use if you’re in the midst of planning your own zombie apocalypse party. I can also help you find great Halloween zombie makeup kits and zombie props that will fit your needs and budget. But first, let’s think about your party as a whole.

zombie girlAdults or Kids?

Is this a Walking Dead or Night of the Living Dead party for adults, or a a Monster High party for kids or teenagers? Confirm the theme in advance, if there is one, so that each decision that follows is aligned with your vision.

I hosted a really successful Halloween zombie party last year, which was for drinking age guests only, and had a clear The Walking Dead theme.

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