Life Size Halloween Coffin

If you’re looking for a life-size Halloween coffin for your party this October, there are many options available but sadly, many are either overpriced or of very poor quality. The one I used to have was made of cardboard and barely lasted a year.

Fortunately, I recently found a much better alternative, which appears to be more durable and is priced very reasonably.

Naturally, I thought I’d check it out and see if it was worth getting, or if it was just another over-hyped prop we should all do without.

The coffin I found is larger than most “life-size” coffin props, measuring a full 60 inches rather than the common 48-inch design. That means it is not only more realistic in appearance, but will also fit taller props (or people), making it much more versatile than similar models. I do wish it was a tad taller so that it could fit a six-foot tall person though, not just a five-foot tall person. I have tall friends who’d love to dress up as vampires and sit up from the coffin to scare off passers-by! Still, it’s easily the largest one I’ve ever found and that’s a definite selling point for me.

Another note on realistic design. Although it’s not made of wood — unfortunate, but remember that just like the competition, it’s not a real coffin after all, and needs to be stored away after Halloween — this one has a realistic wood-like finish. Every other coffin prop I’ve come across lacks this simple but must-have feature, and then to instead be simply coloured flat black.

This particular model is also quite durable. It’s made of weather-resistant nylon material so you can use it outdoors if you so choose. The frame is also reinforced with removable PVC support tubes. Simply place them into the pockets at each of the six corners to hold the classic coffin shape.

When the time comes to put it away, simply fold it down — it’s collapsible — and store it in the supplied handbag with zipper and handles. It’s a cinch!

Price-wise, you can’t go wrong. I found it on Amazon for under thirty dollars (see the link below). Careful though — some sellers charge more than sixty, so choose the vendor carefully. Check it out yourself via the Amazon link below. You won’t regret it, trust me.

The Verdict

Pros: Life size, realistic, durable, easy to store, affordable

Cons: Could be a tad larger, not made of wood

Patrick’s Pumpkin Rating: 4/5

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